132 Thousand Students in 279 Public Schools, Kindergartens Head Back to School on Aug. 27

In the context of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s preparations for the start of the new academic year, the Ministry announced Tuesday the start of electronic registration and transfer of students for the academic year 2023-2024 of all nationalities who meet the categories of admission to government schools.

As the teaching and administrative staff beginning their work on August 20, schools are ready to distribute books, study supplies, and the student lists to classes, as well as applying school systems, policies and regulations from the first day of school, with a serious commitment to improving students academic achievement as a strategic goal of the Ministry.

Preparations for the start of the new school year extended to include libraries, which provided various types of stationery, bags, and school supplies of various types and brands, while the parents started to prepare the school uniform and buy the needs of their children.

In this regard, the Ministry urges parents to prepare their children to adhere to the policy of attendance, absence, and attendance at school from the first day to prepare students for a high-quality educational atmosphere that is in line with the study plans designed to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge and skills contribute to their achievement of success and the achievements they aspire to.

Undoubtedly, these distinguished and early preparations confirm that education will remain the first investment for the State of Qatar, as it is an investment in people that will benefit the country in all fields.

It also confirms the great attention that the state attaches to its educational system, which has made remarkable achievements and received wide acclaim on the local and international levels, in addition to the efforts of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to ensure the provision of education for all with the highest quality standards, where the State of Qatar has developed ambitious plans and strategies in this field, and has made significant achievements.

During the new academic year, the Ministry seeks to continue performing the State of Qatar Vision 2030 goals, as education and human development are the most prominent pillars, which in turn confirms that all policies related to education, schools and curricula are aimed primarily at the interest of the student, the matter that requires cooperation between all parties to the educational process in order to provide all means for students to succeed and excel. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency

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