44th GCC Summit Final Communique Condemns Attack on Gaza, Affirms Support for Palestinian People -3-

Regarding regional and international issues, the Supreme Council reaffirmed the GCC countries’ commitment to maintaining stability and security in the region, supporting the prosperity of their people, and strengthening the council’s relations with sisterly and friendly countries, regional organizations, and international entities. This commitment stems from the GCC’s role as a cornerstone for regional and global peace and security. The Council aims to enhance the GCC’s role in achieving peace, sustainable development, and serving the lofty aspirations of the Arab and Islamic nations. It emphasizes respect for sovereignty principles and non-interference in internal affairs, based on international treaties, norms, and laws, while rejecting any threats against any of its member states.

The Council emphasized that the security of the GCC countries is indivisible, adhering to the principle of collective defense and the concept of collective security outlined in the GCC Charter and the common defense agreement. It underlined that the security of the GCC countries is an essential component of Arab national security as outlined by the Arab League’s charter. Additionally, the Council reaffirmed its opposition to foreign interventions in Arab countries from any direction.

Concerning the situation in Gaza, the Supreme Council condemned the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. It stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people during the current developments in Gaza and its surroundings, demanding an immediate cessation of hostilities and Israeli military operations. It also calls for ensuring the delivery of humanitarian aid, basic necessities, restoring electricity and water supplies, permitting fuel, food, and medicine to enter Gaza, urging international organizations to participate in these efforts. It called for ending the illegal Israeli blockade, which violates UN Security Council Resolution 2417, condemning the illegal prevention of humanitarian aid and the use of civilian starvation as a method of combat, prohibited by international humanitarian law.

Moreover, the Supreme Council urged the competent authorities in the GCC countries to swiftly implement the outcomes of the “Joint Extraordinary Arab and Islamic Summit on the Israeli Aggression Against the Palestinian People” held in Saudi Arabia on Nov. 11, 2023. It also welcomed the United Nations General Assembly’s decision during its 10th emergency special session on Oct. 27, 2023, calling for an immediate, permanent, and sustainable humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, ensuring the cessation of hostile actions, protecting civilians, opening humanitarian corridors, and adhering to international humanitarian law. The Council appreciated the countries that voted in favor of this resolution.

The Council called upon all conflict parties to protect civilians, refrain from targeting them, abide by international law and humanitarian law, urging the release of civilian hostages and detainees, particularly women, children, the sick, and the elderly.

Furthermore, the Supreme Council rejected any justifications or excuses to describe the Israeli aggression on Gaza as self-defense, urging the international community to take necessary actions within the framework of international law to respond to Israel’s illegal practices and its policy of collective punishment against the isolated Gaza population. It supports the steadfastness of the Palestinian people on their land and rejects Israeli actions aimed at displacing or expelling Gaza residents.

The Council condemned the continuous targeting by the Israeli occupation of civilian infrastructure and facilities in Gaza, including hospitals, ambulances, medical teams, refugee camps, and schools. It also denounced the Israeli targeting of the Qatar Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza and international facilities, as part of a series of Israeli violations against all international laws and norms.

The Council acknowledged the assistance provided by the GCC countries to the brethren in Gaza, including official and popular aid. It praised the response of citizens and residents in the GCC countries to humanitarian campaigns supporting the resilience of the Palestinian people in Gaza. It highlighted the efforts made by sisterly and friendly countries and international organizations to cease fire, halt Israeli aggression on Gaza, and provide humanitarian aid to the besieged residents, emphasizing the necessity of delivering humanitarian assistance without obstacles to all parts of Gaza.

Regarding the Palestinian issue, the Supreme Council reaffirmed its unwavering stance on the centrality of the Palestinian cause and the end of Israeli occupation. It supports the sovereignty of the Palestinian people over all occupied Palestinian territories since June 1967, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem, and the guarantee of refugee rights, in accordance with the Arab Peace Initiative and legitimate international resolutions. It stresses the need for intensified efforts by the international community to resolve the conflict, meeting all legitimate rights of the Palestinian people based on those principles, urging the UN Security Council to issue a resolution completing the international recognition of an independent Palestinian state and granting full membership in the United Nations body. (MORE)

Source: Qatar News Agency

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