(5) people arrested and unlicensed weapons seized during searches in Diyala Bridge area

Federal Police forces arrested (5) people and seized unlicensed weapons while carrying out searches in Diyala Bridge area.

The Ministry of the Interior stated in a statement: ‘A force from the Second Brigade, under the supervision of the Commander of the First Division, Federal Police, and with the support of the intelligence effort detachments, carried out a large search operation in (Al-Maadan, Al-Majli’ village) located in the Diyala Bridge area, which resulted in the arrest of (5) suspected persons with ( 3 Kalashnikov rifles, two pistols, 540 rounds of miscellaneous equipment in their possession, in addition to two motorcycles without identification papers.)

It continued: “The people with the seized weapons were referred to the competent authorities to complete the necessary legal and investigative procedures against them.”

It indicated: ‘The inspection operation was carried out within the framework of operations to impose security and order, clear areas of unlicensed weapons, and pursue those wanted
by the judiciary.’/End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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