Academics, Analysts to QNA: Iran-US Prisoner Swap is New Achievement for Qatari Diplomacy

Academics and political analysts agreed that the success of Qatari mediation in concluding the prisoner swap agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States reflects the significant trust that Qatar enjoys in the region and the world, and underscores Qatar’s diplomatic capabilities and its balanced relationships with various international parties.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency , they emphasized that the successful mediation, which took place on Monday, represents a new achievement for Qatari diplomacy, which has recorded numerous successes in various files. They highlighted that Doha possesses many elements of soft power to address complex issues in the region.

Dr. Mohamed Al Musfir, a political analyst and professor of political science at Qatar University, stated that this achievement is not the first of its kind for Qatari diplomacy, as Qatar has succeeded in many files, including in Lebanon, Sudan, Afghanistan, Chad, and other countries, indicating its high diplomatic capabilities.

He noted that the release of detainees is not unprecedented, as Qatar has previously played a role in similar cases, stressing that the current release of detainees and frozen assets adds significant value to this successful mediation.

This success adds to Qatar’s track record in mediations and encourages further efforts and it is not unlikely that Qatar may be asked to mediate in reaching understandings and addressing contentious issues and crises in the Arab and Islamic world, Dr. Al Musfir added.

He emphasized that Qatar’s mediation is characterized by trust within the international community, absolute neutrality, and adherence to a well-recognized political logic accepted by all parties, as Qatar’s goal is to achieve international peace and security.

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ghaith Al Kuwari, an expert in international relations, noted that Qatar’s success in this matter is a continuation of its ongoing efforts to enhance regional security through diplomatic finesse, recognized by the international community.

He stated that Qatar, under the wise leadership of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, has been keen on establishing balanced relationships with regional and international countries. This approach is reflected in its role as a mediator in resolving numerous complex issues.

Qatar, under its wise leadership, has succeeded in harnessing all its diplomatic tools and capabilities to promote peace and security worldwide and has become a platform for global peace, receiving praise and commendation from the international community, Dr. Al Kuwari said.

Dr. Bakeel Al Zandani, a professor of international affairs at Qatar University, stated that the success of Qatari mediation is a new diplomatic achievement for Qatar that reaffirms its ability to employ soft power in addressing many complex issues. Qatar has been consistent in using its diplomacy and soft power to resolve crises for over a quarter of a century, he explained.

He added that Qatar’s successful efforts in concluding the prisoner exchange agreement between Iran and the United States are a continuation of this approach.

This achievement serves as a new indicator that Qatar can take on roles in other complex files, thanks to its capabilities, which are measured by the success of its policies and strategies on various fronts, he pointed out.

Dr. Al Zandani emphasized that Qatari mediation is characterized by absolute transparency and complete neutrality as Qatar does not favor one side and maintains an equal distance from all parties. Qatar works patiently, steadfastly, and sincerely employs its relationships with the region and the world to achieve the desired success.

Dr. Ahmed Qasim Hussein, a researcher at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the editor-in-chief of “Siyasat Arabiya” journal, said that Qatar is considered one of the most influential countries in the international system when it comes to employing preventive diplomacy, mediation, and benign efforts as tools for settling regional and international disputes.

Dr. Hussein emphasized Qatar’s significant role in various international issues that have an impact on global peace and security, adding that Qatar has exerted considerable efforts to mitigate the political, economic, and humanitarian consequences of these issues in places like Palestine, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Lebanon.

He noted that the success of Qatar’s mediation efforts in the detainee exchange between the United States and Iran is another testament to its commitment to peace and stability.

Khaled Waleed Mahmoud, a Jordanian political writer and analyst, commended Qatar for its effective diplomacy, which played a crucial role in facilitating the swift and smooth exchange of prisoners between Tehran and Washington, as well as the transfer of frozen Iranian assets.

He emphasized Qatar’s strong commitment to negotiations and dialogue as means to avoid international escalation and tensions, always seeking peaceful solutions to regional and international crises. He stated that Qatar’s diplomacy reflects important values, including the promotion of security, stability, development, and peace.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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