Advances by Hanwha Techwin have made the advantages of AI more affordable and available on a broader range of products

Raising the bar for video surveillance while lowering barriers to AI solutions

PANGYO, South Korea, Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Artificial intelligence technology is transforming surveillance, simultaneously spurring improvements in the quality of solutions, while lowering the barrier to AI surveillance through a profusion of more affordable options. Hanwha Techwin is leading this movement through its Wisenet AI lineup.

Comparison between non AI camera (Left) and Wisenet X series AI camera (Right). Wisenet X series AI cameras detect only meaningful objects in the scene where as non AI cameras simply detect every movement in the scene

Wisenet AI lineup is useful to customers in a broad array of contexts, such as business owners, who wish to have timely, accurate surveillance of their surroundings, and AI means that the most effective solutions are available not only to high-end applications. AI presents solutions to the old shortcomings of surveillance systems at lower prices.

At the root of this progress is AI deep learning technology, which improves video analytics and operational efficiency by facilitating image quality and clarity while reducing noise and motion blur and making bandwidth more effective.

AI heightens accuracy, reduces false alarms

In particular, Wisenet AI cameras can achieve video analytics of heightened accuracy, which means more reliable and efficient video surveillance with fewer false alarms. Conventional cameras discern people or events based on pixels and may flag as relevant something that a user wishes to ignore. This greatly contributes to the increased false alarm fatigues among users and is very common with heuristic-based analytics which then can lead to reduced operational efficiency. It has been a great challenge for every operator responsible for simultaneous monitoring of multiple cameras and event detection from each of them.

The AI deep learning algorithm allows the detection of meaningful objects and can distinguish human, vehicles or license plates, providing a solution to this long-lasting challenge

Wisenet AI algorithms are able to distinguish a person from a background of swaying trees or in low light conditions and can differentiate between the movements of people and animals. In less advanced systems, the movement of a tree or a stray animal could generate unwanted false alarms. Wisenet AI cameras’ higher level of accuracy means that operators suffer fewer false alarms that distract from their core surveillance objectives.

The New X series lineup

Plus, Hanwha Techwin’s The New X series lineup X Core and X Plus can identify license plates and vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks and bicycles, with superb image quality supported by Scene Analysis and Local Contrast Enhancement. X Plus comes with long focal length (10.9-29mm) which is especially applicable when monitoring objects at high elevations or at great distances, particularly useful in casino and hotel lobby settings.

For added versatility, operators can create virtual channels by homing in on a particular view with one camera, allowing it to be monitored simultaneously with a separate channel on the backend equipment.

These systems draw on the power of AI for their strength and efficacy. Data — on person, vehicle, and license plates — is sent to the backend server and used to extract information on specific events. Operators can then search AI events on the backend servers, which allows for quicker and more efficient searching.

Lowering barriers to AI solutions

Advances by Hanwha Techwin have made the advantages of AI more affordable and available on a broader range of products. In previous iterations, only the high-end “P series” had AI features, and only in 4K resolution. Now, P series cameras in 2MP resolution also offer AI features, as do the mid-level series ‘X series’ cameras.

And more over, thanks to the increased operational efficiency that the Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet AI lineup brings, the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of a surveillance system can be remarkably saved. The total operational costs across the lifespan of the system now can yield to the increased ROI (Return on Investment).

Therefore, consumers seeking more affordable cameras can now also enjoy the benefits of AI surveillance solutions, which are able to make informed decisions to protect users’ security, based on deep learning technology.

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