After Being Included In The Budget… A Parliamentary Refusal To Return The Taxes Of Mobile Phone Recharge Cards

A member of the Parliamentary Transportation and Communications Committee, Karwan Ali Yarois, called on members of Parliament to refuse to vote on the tax return clause on mobile phone recharge cards, after its inclusion in the budget.

Yarois said in a press statement, “The committee, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications, was able to reduce the tax that was imposed on mobile phone recharge cards amounting to 20%,” expressing his regret that “the draft federal budget law for the year 2023 in which that tax was returned by 10% on the cards, which affects the economic condition of the citizen.”

He added, “If the purpose of imposing the tax is to increase the sources of revenues for the government, then it is better to take those millions of dollars accumulated as debts and taxes on telecommunications companies and return them to the state treasury.”

He called, “All members of the House of Representatives not to vote on the paragraph of imposing taxes on recharge cards within the budget law, so that their prices remain the same without an increase.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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