Al-Halbousi Stresses The Importance Of The Role Of Civil Society Organizations In The Next Stage

Baghdad / NINA / – Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi stressed the importance of the work of civil society organizations, and the roles that they can play in the next stage to advance the reality of young women and men, especially graduates, and communicate with government institutions.

During his meeting with the President of the Women and the Future Organization, Dr. Nada Al-Jubouri, he pointed out: the importance of involving young people in all development projects that represent different roles from economic and social empowerment to achieving political empowerment, gender equality, poverty reduction, emergency climate changes, reducing unemployment, discussing ways to rehabilitate and empower civil society, and preparing strategies for these projects approved by the ministries.

Al-Halbousi noted the importance of amending legislation for the future of investment, creating job opportunities for young women and men, and supporting women who support a family./End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency