Al Markhiya Gallery Organizes Art Book Exhibition with Participation of 33 Artists

Al Markhiya Gallery organizes a new art exhibition under the title “Art Book” on May 2 in the gallery’s headquarters at Fire Station: Artist in Residence, with the participation of 33 artists belonging to various creative schools from Qatar and all over the Arab world.

The art coordinator at Al Markhiya Gallery Anas Kotait indicated that the awaited gallery includes a large number of distinguished works, where each artist participates in two works, providing an opportunity for the public to view various artistic experiences, even if they all revolve around one topic, which is the importance of the book.

He pointed out that the exhibition coincides with the Ministry of Culture’s announcement of the launch of the Doha International Book Fair in June, in addition to the Ministry’s recent organization of a Ramadan Book Fair, which reflects the constant concern to uphold the value of reading and organize initiatives that celebrate the book.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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