Apple Releases iOS 17.5.1 to Fix Reappearing Photos Bug

Washington: Apple released the new iOS 17.5.1 dedicated by the company to fix a strange problem, namely the appearance of old images deleted in the iPhone photos app.

The new update comes about a week after the company released an iOS 17.5 update, and the emergence of several complaints that the update returned old images in iPhone phones that had been deleted for years.

Parallel to the iPhone update, Apple has also launched iPadOS 17.5.1 update for iPad in order to fix the problem itself.

That problem has raised eyebrows among many users, and some have expressed concerns about the privacy of their data and how the company deals with it, as the recovery of long-deleted images is an option not available in Apple’s operating systems.

In the notes annexed to the update, Apple stated that the problem resulted from corruption in the photo library’s database, without any further details.

Affected users are advised to download iOS 17.5.1 update as soon as possible by going to settings, pressing “General” and th
en choosing “Software Update”, to download and install the update, the update being small.

Apple has launched an iOS 17.5 update for iPhone to add several new changes such as offline in the News + Apple News app, the Quartiles game within the app itself, as well as a security feature to notify users when they detect an anonymous tracking device moving with them, and important security fixes for some gaps.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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