Arab League Slams Israeli Aggression on Jenin, Deems it Ethnic Cleansing

Cairo, The League of Arab States has condemned the aggressive military operation being carried out by the Israeli occupation forces on the Palestinian city of Jenin which resulted in the falling of several martyrs and wounded.

The onslaught on Jenin and other cities and towns in the West Bank flagrantly expose the plots being hatched by the Israeli occupation which have nothing to do with October 7 incidents, but intentionally aim to consolidate the occupation and territories annexation, in addition to expelling the Palestinians from their homes through unspeakable practices that definitely amount to ethnic cleansing, said Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul-Gheit in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement warned of fanning the flames of the situation in the West Bank in a way that threatens with full conflagration, especially amid the Israeli attacks and violations that have been ongoing for months and led to the fall of hundreds of martyrs, along with thousands of injured and prisoners.

The in
ternational measures, including the recent action on the part of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to charge leaders of the Israeli occupation and their army generals of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity have neither, heretofore, repelled the Israeli brutal crimes, nor stopped the continuous massacres that have been raging for seven months in the Gaza enclave, the statement continued.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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