Biden Affirms US Defense Commitment to Japan, the Philippines

Washington, US President Joe Biden affirmed his country’s commitment to the security of Japan and the Philippines.

During a tripartite summit at the White House with his Philippine counterpart Ferdinand Marcos and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the US President said that the United States’ defense commitments to Japan and to the Philippines are ironclad, adding that “any attack on Philippine aircraft, vessels, or Armed Forces” would invoke mutual defense treaty between Washington and Manila.

The three leaders issued a statement in which they announced the conduct of joint patrols in the Indo-Pacific region during the current year to ensure security and stability.

In February 2023, the US reached an agreement with the Philippines that will enable the US army to access four new military bases in the Philippines. The agreement expanded a previously existing agreement to include four new sites “in strategic areas” in the Philippines.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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