Cairo meeting calls for intensifying efforts to ease suffering of Syrian people

The Arab Liaison Committee on Syria meeting, with the participation of Foreign and Expatriates Minister,Fayssal Mikdad, dealt with the developments in the situation in Syria, and the contacts of ministers, members of the Liaison Committee, and the Syrian government with the United Nations and friendly countries, within the framework of efforts for a comprehensive settlement of the crisis in Syria, in line with relevant international references.

The final statement of the meeting said the participants stressed the need to take practical and effective steps to progressively resolve the crisis in Syria, in a way that preserves Syria’s unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty, meets the aspirations of its people, rescue them from terrorism, and contributes to strengthening the appropriate conditions for the voluntary and safe return of refugees as a humanitarian priority.

The statement noted that the Liaison Committee and the Syrian Foreign Minister stressed the need to address the refugee crisis with all its consequences for the Syrian people and the countries hosting them, and the importance of boosting cooperation between the Syrian government and the countries hosting refugees to organize and facilitate their voluntary and safe return, and end their suffering in coordination with the relevant UN bodies, foremost of which The High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

According to the statement, the participants looked forward the continuation and intensification of joint cooperation between Syria and the countries of the region, in a way that serves efforts to combat drug production and smuggling in the region in order to end this growing threat.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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