Cairo: The ministerial delegation holds a meeting to discuss the needs of our people

Cairo – Together – The ministerial delegation sent under the instructions of President Mahmoud Abbas, and the directives of Prime Minister Muhammad Mustafa, held a meeting with a number of legal persons, academics and Palestinian citizens coming from the Gaza Strip, at the headquarters of the Embassy of the State of Palestine in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to discuss ways and mechanisms for overcoming the difficulties that arise. They face it.

The Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Diab Al-Louh, pointed out the arrival of about 100,000 citizens from the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the genocidal war on our people in the Strip last October, explaining that this meeting comes to discuss many necessary requirements, based on the keenness of The delegation wanted to learn about the conditions of the community and listen to them, especially with regard to all concerns and living requirements.

Ambassador Al-Louh also appreciated the delegation’s visit to Egypt at this crucia
l time, to identify the needs of our people in all files, especially basic and university education, as we are about to begin the high school exams.

In turn, the Minister of the Interior, Major General Ziad Hab Al-Rih, said that the meeting with his Egyptian counterpart, Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, was positive, as mechanisms for facilitating the lives of our people in the Arab Republic of Egypt were discussed, pointing to the Egyptian welcome to the Palestinian citizen in Egypt, in line with the historical Egyptian role towards the issue. Palestinian.

He pointed to the interest of the Egyptian Minister of the Interior in communication, clarification and open discussion in order to improve the conditions of the Palestinian citizen residing in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Regarding the issuance of Palestinian passports, Major General Hab Al-Rih explained that new standards have been adopted since the beginning of the aggression, to work faster to meet the needs of our people, and there are instructions and
directives from President Mahmoud Abbas on the necessity of completing the issuance of passports, which are considered a strategic value for our people, and the necessity of working not to delay their issuance. To reach those entitled to it as quickly as possible.

Major General Hab Al-Rih conveyed the greetings of President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Muhammad Mustafa, stressing the necessity of standing together under the umbrella of Palestinian legitimacy to confront the dangerous turning point that our people are going through.

He stressed the keenness of the State of Palestine to care for our people in the Arab Republic of Egypt until the aggression stops and they return safely to the homeland.

For his part, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Amjad Barham, said that the education file is of great importance, as a meeting was held with the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education, Ayman Ashour, and it was fruitful, noting that there are 88 thousand students registered for study seats in t
he universities of the Gaza Strip, and e-learning has been started. For those inside or outside Gaza, 20,000 students, both male and female, were registered in West Bank universities and actually began attending school.

He added that there are 630,000 students distributed among the schools in the Gaza Strip, and for this reason an electronic platform was launched for students to enroll, whether in Gaza or outside it.

He pointed out that, during his meeting with the Minister of Education and Technical Education, Reda Hegazy, he called for the establishment of a Palestinian school with a Palestinian curriculum in Egypt, and discussed the possibility of transferring the student to Egyptian schools to complete his education and establishing educational centers for our students in Egypt.

Barham explained that the obstacle facing university students, especially medical students in Egypt, is practical study, so it was proposed to the Egyptian Minister to implement the idea of ??the visiting student, stressing tha
t all scholarships available in the Ministry were directed to Palestinian students from the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that 75% of Gaza’s universities have become idle and unable to function, and there are 208 schools unfit for teaching. He explained that the data of all Gaza Strip students is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education in the West Bank, stressing that the electronic link will be opened within two weeks so that any student will be allowed By registering, the Ministry will also continue e-schools during the upcoming summer vacation to resume the current academic year for students in Gaza or outside it.

For her part, Minister of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Farseen Shaheen, confirmed that the majority of the world’s population recognized the State of Palestine, which made us turn with great confidence to international courts after we spent decades unable to meet the requirements for joining international institutions.

She said that international courts toda
y support the Palestinian right, and our goal is to end the Israeli occupation, stressing that the most important step is achieving national unity under the umbrella of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

Shaheen pointed out that the primary goal of the current government is to stop the genocidal war against our people in the Gaza Strip, and the ongoing aggression in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and the necessity of stopping this killing, destruction and displacement, in addition to the necessity of continuously introducing aid to provide relief to about two million citizens living in catastrophic conditions.

She stressed that Palestinian diplomacy will continue to make efforts in all international and legal forums to end the occupation, noting that the delegation came bearing the greetings and keenness of President Mahmoud Abbas to follow up on the conditions of our people from the Gaza Strip who are in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and
the Prime Minister’s interest in making all efforts to overcome all The difficulties they face.

The meeting was attended by: Ambassador Muhammad Abu Jamea from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Director of the National Central Office of the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier General Mahmoud Salah El-Din, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Sadiq Al-Khadour, and advisors and staff of the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Cairo.

Source: Maan News Agency

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