Casas: Reaching the Gulf 25 semi-finals is a pride for all of us

Baghdad The coach of our national team, “Jesus Casas”, confirmed that his ambition with his players is to present a good level in the next confrontation against the Qatar national team, tomorrow, Monday, indicating that their goal is to reach the final match of the Gulf 25 competitions, and to make the Iraqi fans happy, who are keen and eager to support the Lions of Mesopotamia team.

In a press conference, the Iraqi national team coach called on the Iraqi fans to stand by the players, especially in the critical moments of the match that will need more support, noting that, every match in which the performance sometimes drops, and here we need public support.

He added: The Qatar national team is one of the distinguished and young teams capable of achieving positive results because they have distinguished elements, and that more than half of the team was in the list of the Qatar national team participating in the last World Cup, so we have prepared ourselves to fight the opponent and it will be another difficult match.

He explained that reaching the semi-finals is a source of pride for us, and we aspire to go further in this tournament, and it would be a great thing for all of us if we reached the final.

He stressed that he deals with each match separately, and each match has its own circumstances, squad and game plan.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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