China’s Queqiao-2 Satellite Completes In-orbit Communication Tests

Beijing: The Queqiao-2 satellite has completed in-orbit communication tests, with its platform and payloads working normally, according to the China National Space Administration (CNSA) on Friday.

The functions and performance of Queqiao-2 meet mission requirements, and it can provide relay communication services for the fourth phase of China’s lunar exploration project and future lunar exploration missions of China and other countries, said the CNSA, announcing the Queqiao-2 mission a complete success.

The satellite successfully completed a communication test on April 6 with Chang’e-4, which is now carrying out an exploration mission on the far side of the moon. From April 8 to 9, it conducted communication tests with the Chang’e-6 probe, which is yet to be launched.

Queqiao-2 was launched on March 20 and entered its target highly elliptical orbit on April 2 after midway correction, near-moon braking and orbital maneuver around the moon.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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