Dante Genomics to innovate universal genomics by now offering easy, at-home blood collection kits for clinical whole genome sequencing without the use of a needle

NEW YORK, Sept. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dante Genomics, a global leader in genomics and precision medicine, announced today that the Company has begun using needleless, at-home blood collection kits for its premium clinical whole genome sequencing test, thus bringing the high quality of concierge clinics to at home testing.

Dante Genomics is utilizing these at-home blood collection kits for its whole genome sequencing on the www.dantelabs.com website, making it easier than ever and virtually painless for patients to collect their blood sample on their own without having to travel to a hospital or have direct interaction with a mobile phlebotomist.

“This groundbreaking innovation comes from our relentless focus on providing universal access to the highest quality genomics technologies,” said Andrea Riposati, CEO of Dante Genomics. “Anyone, anywhere in the world, deserves to receive the most advanced genomic care. Anyone. Anywhere.”

The collection of blood samples for the use of genomics sequencing has key advantages over the collection of saliva:

  • Saliva-derived DNA contains significantly less DNA than blood-derived DNA.
  • There is far less risk of DNA contamination due to user error.
  • Blood samples have a higher percentage of passing Quality Control standards, avoiding the need for the customer to supply an additional sample to be re-tested.
  • As a result, blood collection lowers turnaround times significantly for the customer.

With this innovation, individuals anywhere in the world get access to the highest quality of genomic testing and now also the best options for sample collection.

Dante has deployed two products for blood collection:

  • For the US market, an FDA registered device that collects whole liquid blood samples that are ready to be used for genomic DNA isolation and sequencing. Users can successfully collect blood samples at home without direct interaction at a lab or with a mobile phlebotomist.
  • For the European market, a CE-IVD marked device delivers whole dried blood samples from the patient to the lab. Subjects can successfully collect volumetrically precise samples.

For our DNA wellness programs and other specific applications, Dante will continue to offer its saliva collection kit as an option.

About Dante Genomics

Dante Genomics is a global genomic information company building and commercializing a new class of transformative health and longevity applications based on whole genome sequencing and AI. The Company uses its platform to deliver better patient outcomes from diagnostics to therapeutics with assets including one of the largest private genome databases with research consent, proprietary software designed to unleash the power of genomic data at scale and proprietary processes which enable an industrial approach to genomic sequencing.

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