Due to the deterioration of electricity … Al-Khalis residents threaten to block the Baghdad-Kurdistan Region road

The residents of Al-Khalis district in Diyala Governorate threatened to block the Baghdad-Kurdistan Region road in protest against the deterioration of the electricity situation.

Ammar Al-Salami, one of the organizers of the protest in Al-Khalis district, north of Baqubah, said in a statement .. that the protest is a message of condemnation, indicating that what is happening is an insult to the city of Al-Khalis and its sacrifices that were the reason for the officials to sit in their chairs, threatening to organize a massive demonstration if the deteriorating electricity situation in the district is not addressed.

Al-Salami pointed out that the demands of the people of Al-Khalis are to cancel the zero hour, increase the share of Al-Khalis from 100 to 130 megawatts, follow up on the employees of the electricity distribution stations responsible for the unfair scheduled power outages, and address the poor services.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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