Doha has been selected to be included among four world cities where an integrated global model for food, water and energy will be applied. The project is launched by the international research initiative “SUNEX” of the Belmont Forum and JPI Urban Europe.

According to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, the four urban and sustainable cities – Doha, Berlin, Bristol, and Vienna – were selected because they reflect different social and economic patterns, while they also differ in the characteristics of climate and weather in general and in the consumption patterns, all of which have an impact on food production and require the development of a sustainable global model based on international scientific and technical foundations for food, water and energy resources in urban areas.

The Qatari team, in collaboration with the national universities, institutions and bodies, as well as the specialized research centers, will be implementing this global scientific research in the way that serves Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy 2017-2022, thus, realizing the sustainability strategy for the food, water and energy resources in Qatar.

Source: Government of Qatar