Milaha Company has announced deploying and integrating the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), that is using computers and software to perform certain tasks automatically without any human or manual intervention, in its activities, thus becoming one of the top companies in the Middle to deploy the system.

Milaha clarified that the new system, codenamed Tam, is the latest introduced technology; the system mimics human activities using artificial intelligence programs to perform clerical tasks and functions, such as entry, processing and transfer of data.

Abdulrahman Essa al-Mannai, Milaha President and CEO, further clarified that the deployment of Tam in the company’s operations is part of a company-wide initiative to automate the workplace with the aim of realizing the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy. He pointed out that Tam will pave the way for focusing on complicated tasks, decision-making and direct communication with customers, noting that the automation initiative of Milaha will contribute to establishing a knowledge-based economy, a key component of Qatar National Vision 2030.

Source: Government of Qatar