MME: Plan Underway to Qatarize Specialized Professions by 2021

Jabr al-Attiyah, Director of the Human Resources Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), confirmed that the ministry is focused on the Qatarization of jobs, in line with a plan to Qatarize all specialized professions by 2021. 150 Qatari nationals were recruited during the current year, and 12 of 80 candidates were sent abroad on scholarships, with an aim to return the candidates and appoint them within specialized fields at various departments of the ministry.

Al-Attiyah explained that the plan for the Qatarization of specialized jobs and scholarships, which has been developed and implemented in coordination with the competent authority in the country, includes the citizens of Qatar over the course of seven years from 2015 to 2021, and includes specialized professions such as engineering, veterinary medicine, law, computer, and other specialized professions, continuously implemented with all seriousness and attention.

With regards to career promotions, Al-Attiyah said that they are implemented at specific intervals throughout the year, however, exceptional promotions are subject to different criteria and are under the authority of MME, following nominations put forward by the department director for those entitled to such promotions.

Source: Government of Qatar