UAE pledges US$500 million for Yemen in 2019.

As part of its commitment to achieving peace and prosperity in Yemen, the UAE has pledged US$500 million for Yemen in 2019. The funding includes grants for United Nations agencies to support Yemen as well as commitments on a bilateral basis, to finance ambitious stabilisation programmes, working with many Yemeni and international partners.

The United Arab Emirates has also called for full respect of the Stockholm peace accords and has pledged significant support for the long-term rebuilding of Yemen.

Speaking at the UN pledging conference for Yemen, UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy said that there are reasons for optimism that peace and hope can be achieved for Yemen and its people.

“As close neighbours to the brotherly people of Yemen, we, Emiratis, are committed to taking a lead in the restoration of Yemen’s economy and society. This is especially critical for the Yemeni people and their youth, for living in dignity and hope,” Minister Al Hashemy added.

She hoped that the UAE’s pledge would serve to inspire generosity across the international community. Minister Al Hashemy added that UAE’s leadership would go beyond funding to bring expertise, partnerships, and determination to rebuild Yemen.

“With the prospect of long-term peace, let us continue to work together to provide prosperity,” she stated.

The most recent pledge follows the contribution of close to $1 billion that the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made jointly to support UN humanitarian relief in Yemen in 2018. Despite conflict and extreme difficulties with access, that block grant served to alleviate famine, curb the spread of cholera and prevent polio, support women and students, as well as providing healthcare and psycho-social treatment across many parts of the country.

The effective humanitarian operation, working with the UN and other partners in Yemen, provides a model for the next phase of help.

As humanitarian needs are reduced, future funding will be allocated to the long-term reconstruction of Yemen, focusing on trade and supporting a thriving economy, as well as health, education, women’s programmes, and restoring the structures of government that will help to re-establish a strong, stable society.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs