MoPH Updates List of Accredited Islamic Associations Issuing Halal Certificates

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) announced the updating of the list of accredited Islamic associations issuing Halal certificates and countries from which importation of specific foodstuffs is banned, for different scientific considerations and justifications.

MoPH pointed out that Four associations were removed from the list of the accredited Islamic associations issuing Halal certificates for various reasons, including that some of them have stopped issuing Halal certificates, while others are in Islamic countries that apply Halal requirements to all their products, and nine new associations have been added to the list after fulfilling the conditions of accreditation.

The ministry also follows international standards by conducting a risk assessment in each country, according to its epidemiological status and imposing a temporary ban that commensurate with the level of potential risk to ensure that the risk will not affect the consumer. MoPH’s risk assessment, and monitoring of the epidemic situation is carried out on a regular basis, with technical reports submitted to the competent department to take the proper decision.

MoPH publishes the updated lists on its website and circulating it to the food importers and the various outlets in Qatar.

Source: Government of Qatar