The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) has organized a workshop on renewing the Government Enterprise Agreement signed between the Government of Qatar, represented by MOTC, and Microsoft. The framework agreement aims to secure technology needs for government entities in order to further enhance efficiency and advance the digital transformation agenda across all government sectors.

The renewed agreement has multiple new features, which enable government entities to use cloud computing safely particularly in multifactor authentications, classify and protect all files and documents from leakage and theft, keep emails safe, and create project teams to facilitate teamwork and promote productivity in project management and execution.

Mr. Hassan Jassim Al-Sayed, MOTC’s Assistant Undersecretary of the Government Information Technology Sector, said: “Public-private partnerships contribute to supporting and implementing the vision of the Government of Qatar for the transformation into a smart, digital government.”

He added that “MOTC doesn’t look at this agreement as an ordinary contract with a global company, but rather considers it as a real partnership and an active tool for boosting digital transformation across all government entities and for improving the quality of government services provided to all citizens, residents and visitors.”

He noted that Qatar was among the very first countries in the Middle East to have signed framework agreements with Microsoft, realizing the benefits of keeping up with the latest technologies at competitive prices away from price fluctuations worldwide.

Source: Government of Qatar