Four Syrian women participate in World Mind Mapping and Speed-Reading Championships in Poland

Four competitors participated within an Arab team in the online World MindMapping and Speed-Reading Championships held in Poland.

Trainer, Mona Abu Ismail, supervisor of competitions at the Center for Consultation, Development and Training Company said that competitors, Manar al-Samman, Darin Abu Ismail, Amani Morshed and Sahar Humaidan,have received high qualified training in this field, in cooperation with the Arab Academy for Speed-Reading in Algeria.

The championship is held live on three stages; the first one included preparing a mind map within half an hour. The map summarizes the content of a 27 minutes-audio video clip about communication, while the second stage included reading a written story of 21 pages on artificial intelligence and designing a map about it within two hours, and the third stage included mapping a creative mind map based upon the word “intelligence” during two hours as a stimulus for imagination and creativity, then a photo of each map is sent for the tournament jury.

The participants stressed the importance of the competition in the spread of this science as considered a global method, particularly in schools.

Mind maps are considered as one of the active learning strategies and sophisticated effective-techniques tools in strengthening memory, generating creative ideas, and enabling the mind to read and retrieve information when needed with a high level of concentration and speed by representing ideas and observations through using symbols and colors to identify a specific idea and related sub-ideas.

The genesis of the World Mind Mapping and World Speed-Reading Championships began with Tony Buzan, who founded and originated both World Championships in line with his ambition to create new Mind Sports to stretch the limits of human mental power.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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