GANHRI Chairperson Affirms Support for Global Programme for Strengthening Rule of Law for Sustainable Peace and Development.

New York, HE Chairperson of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) and Chairperson of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Maryam bint Abdullah Al Attiyah affirmed that the tripartite partnership to support the national human rights institutions (NHRIs) has been undergirding the collective strength since its inception, in addition to galvanizing the comparative advantage for each partner in support of NHRIs with the objective of boosting cooperation between the United Nations and NHRIs, as well as their regional networks supported by the Global Programme for Strengthening the Rule of Law, Human Rights, Justice, and Security for Sustainable Peace and Development.

Her Excellency was addressing the inaugural session of the 2024 Annual Review meeting of the Tripartite Partnership to support NHRIs which included the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, GANHRI and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The 2024 tripartite meeting came to forge co
llaboration between NHRIs and the UN to advance human rights through sharing perspectives and identifying the shared priorities and opportunities.

HE Al Attiyah affirmed that the meeting came in the wake of challenging times during which new conflicts are mounting and spilling over into numerous territories of the world, adding that everywhere the scale of devastating effects of climate change is emerging to haunt the people’s lives, the planet and the entire eco-system, highlighting that these effects evidently undermine equality among nations and exacerbate poverty in many territories, resulting in peoples being bereft of equality and fundamental services.

Her Excellency pointed out that these effects profoundly compromise social harmonization and peace, asserting that the rapid technological change simultaneously brings massive opportunities and overwhelming risks to human rights. HE Al Attiyah emphasized that all voices in the world territories are unified in powerful protests that call for peace and hu
man rights-based approach to climate action and accountability for misusing the power, adding that there are many examples that affect NHRIs, such as monitoring human rights developments and reporting them, in addition to promoting justice and accountability for the victims of human rights violations.

The response to the multiple crises should revolve around human rights through helping safe and comprehensive channels engage in discussions, alongside other institutions, indefatigable human rights defenders and the civil society, Her Excellency asserted.

HE Chairperson of NHRC emphasized that NHRIs perform incredible roles in forging relationships and identifying the solutions that are so crucial in times of crises, noting that these institutions always find themselves exposed to attacks on their independence and effectiveness and are in need of protection. She indicated that this was one of the key messages adopted by the UN General Assembly in December.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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