GCC Anniversary .. 42 Years of Achievements / REPORT -2-

The endorsement of the comprehensive security strategy for the GCC member states as well as the security agreement of the GCC states came in the context of the milestones and projects of the council’s march. . The joint military action has also received the attention of their Majesties and Highnesses, the leaders of the GCC states since its founding. among the most prominent achievements on this track is the endorsement of the joint defense agreement of the GCC, the defense strategy of the Council, the formation of the joint Peninsula Shield forces and the conduct of joint military exercises.

The electrical interconnection between the GCC countries is one of the most important infrastructure projects approved by the Council. The benefits of the project include reducing the required reserves in each country, mutual coverage in case of emergency, benefiting from the surplus, and reducing the cost of producing electric power.

The Supreme Council of the GCC also approved the media strategy; the most prominent objectives of which are enhancing cooperation and opportunities for unity among the GCC states, consolidating the Gulf, Arab and Islamic identity of the GCC states, deepening Gulf citizenship, supporting the interdependence, security and stability of the Gulf community, developing general societal awareness among citizens and residents, and supporting the Councils march, cooperation and integration between the official and unofficial institutions in the member countries.

In its 33rd session, the Supreme Council approved the petroleum strategy of the member states, based on the political and economic importance of the GCC states at the global level; and their oil weight as they possess the largest proven reserves of oil and constitute the largest area for its production and export.

The GCC states cooperate widely in all sectors of the environment. They also cooperate with organizations working in the field of environmental protection and conservation of its natural resources. They have also joined 33 regional and international conventions and treaties in the field of environment, protection of wildlife and natural resources, biodiversity, protection of the ozone layer, climate change and combating desertification and international trade in endangered species.

In terms of foreign policy, the Cooperation Council worked to formulate common and unified positions towards political issues of concern to its six countries in the Arab, regional and international frameworks, and to deal as one group with the world, within the framework of foundations and pillars based on mutual respect, non-interference in internal affairs and taking into account common interests. During the past four decades, the GCC has succeeded in strengthening its regional position and confirming its presence on the international forums, and has become an effective and reliable partner for the consolidation of security and stability around the world. Since its inception, the Council has also sought to expand its partnerships and strategic dialogues with many countries and blocks, and entered into free trade negotiations with countries and international economic groups to achieve common interests.

The march of the Gulf Cooperation Council is proceeding with determination and confidence of its leaders and peoples, looking forward to a brighter tomorrow and more achievements. The 42nd anniversary of founding the Cooperation Council comes ad efforts to implement the ambitious development plans in each of the GCC countries are moving forward to achieve the goals of comprehensive and sustainable development.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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