Al Jazeera Khartoum bureau chief released by Sudan military

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Sudanese authorities released Al Jazeera TV’s Khartoum bureau chief, Al-Musalami Al-Kabbashi, on Tuesday morning, the network has announced. The Qatar-based broadcaster tweeted that Al-Kabbashi was freed in the early hours of Tuesday morning following his arrest on Sunday. عاجل | السلطات السودانية تطلق سراح مدير مكتب #الجزيرة المسلمي الكباشي — الجزيرة – عاجل (@AJABreaking) Al Jazeera said Monday that authorities had detained Al-Kabbashi despite the public prosecution ordering his release. The broadcaster said it held the Sudanese military authority “responsible for the safety of all its employ…

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