‘Declaration on Human Fraternity’ is shining stage in Muslim-Christian relations: Lebanon’s Mufti.

The Grand Mufti of Lebanon, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, has praised the ”Declaration on Human Fraternity” adopted by the UAE in Abu Dhabi, calling it a ‘shining stage’ in the history of Muslim-Christian relations.

He made his remarks to the Lebanese National News Agency, NNA, while meeting at Dar Al-Fatwa in Lebanon with Hamad Al Shamsi, UAE Ambassador to Lebanon.

The Grand Mufti of Lebanon said that the declaration is an important document, which is considered a roadmap for cooperation among followers of religions. He also hailed the UAE’s efforts in all areas, thanks to its wise leadership, and urged this important document to be accepted by all societies.

Al Shamsi indicated that the document is a joint effort between the UAE, Vatican and Al-Azhar Al Sharif.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs