ERC Ramadan Mir campaign supports 100,000 Yemenis.

The Emirates Red Crescent has continued its Ramadan Mir campaign, with a daily average of 3,770 meals distributed across four Yemen governorates.

According to the UAE aid authority, the four governorates include Hadramaut, Shabwa, Hodeidah, and Taiz.

Some 7,000 iftar meals were distributed across districts in each of the Hadramaut and Hodeidah governorates, while Shabwa saw 4,200 meals were handed out across four regions, the ERC noted. Taiz districts saw the distribution of 8,190 iftar meals to underprivileged persons, it added.

So far, the ERC noted, some 100,000 individuals had benefited from the Ramadan Mir campaign.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs