International Digest Policy: Doha Is the International Hub of Cyber Security

A report published by International Digest Policy Magazine stated that the State of Qatar is making great efforts to set out broad lines to use digital media and their impact on individuals and countries through using diplomatic means in order to respond to the challenges of cyberspace. The report, which was published yesterday, made clear that Doha has adopted an ambitious strategy for using its energy resources since the mid-1990s. The report explained that Doha has worked on investing in its wealth including the natural gas for its media sector, infrastructure, tourism and the business sector and attracting direct foreign investment. The report added that Doha has also continued supporting a wide variety of investments overseas, through Doha playing its role an important player in global important spheres as in bolstering the multilateral exchange of expertise for the sake of cyber security.

The report made clear that Doha, which will host the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup, is fully aware of the need to be prepared for confronting virtual challenges to protect the cyberspace. Therefore, Doha has launched a number of initiatives and policies, including the Cyber Security National Strategy launched in 2014.

The report pointed out that the State of Qatar has particularly realized the importance of education, sciences and researches in bolstering the cyber security, and consolidating the State of Qatar’s position as a hub for achieving international cyber security.

Source: Government of Qatar