Iraq Will Occupy The Presidency Of The Next Session Of The Assembly Of Asian Parliaments After Two Years

BAGHDAD, The Standing Committee for Budget and Planning of the Asian Parliaments Association announced the agenda of its two-day meetings that will start in Baghdad on Tuesday afternoon.

The head of the budget and planning committee in the Asian parliaments, Alaa Talabani said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that “Iraq will occupy the presidency of the Assembly of Asian Parliaments in its next session after two years, and there have been preparations for some time to coordinate with the General Secretariat of the Assembly of Asian Parliaments to prepare for the conference and invite Member States “.

She added that “the Conference of Asian Parliaments held in Baghdad today, is a meeting of the Standing Committee for Planning and Budget with the participation of 16 countries, to develop the next budget plan for the Assembly of Asian Parliaments,” noting that “the countries that have officially registered the presence of their representatives in the meeting and sent the names of the members of their committees, are the countries of the East and South Asia, Iraq’s neighbors and Arab countries, including Japan, India, Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Cyprus, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. “

Source: National Iraqi News Agency