Qatar Affirms Relentless Efforts to Establish Scientific, Research, Legal Base in Nuclear Energy

The State of Qatar has Affirmed its keen interest in benefiting from the peaceful applications of nuclear energy, for the prosperity and improvement of the quality of life that can be can achieved through these applications, stressing the importance attached to this energy in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Plan 2030, which has comprehensive goals that balance the three dimensions of sustainable development; the economic, social and environmental.

Qatar warned that the expansion of nuclear power plants, especially in some countries that have overstated their contracts in recent years to build many nuclear power plants at a time when their infrastructure, national expertise, regulatory frameworks and safety personnel have not been completed, could create legitimate concerns about the safety and security of energy reactors. These concerns are increasing in the geographically neighboring countries, which calls for strengthening national, regional and international legal frameworks, increasing transparency, sharing information and building confidence in those activities.

This came in a statement of the State of Qatar, delivered by Acting Charge d’Affaires in the Qatari Embassy in Vienna Abdullah bin Nasser Al Fahid, before the High-level International Ministerial Conference on Science and Nuclear Technology organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Abdullah bin Nasser Al Fahid highlighted the keen interest of the State of Qatar in benefiting from the peaceful applications of nuclear energy, because of the prosperity and improvement of the quality of life that can be can achieved through these applications, adding that the State is actively working to establish its scientific, research and legal base in the field of nuclear energy in order to be able to keep pace with the latest technologies and applications, and thus utilize them in different fields.

he said that nuclear science and technology are among the most important technologies of this age because it can make a broad contribution to the development of various fields of life and make an effective contribution to the implementation of the 17 sustainable development goals embodied in the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan. He voiced Qatar’s appreciation for the important role played by the IAEA in transferring nuclear expertise and techniques through scientific seminars and training workshops in various aspects of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and its keenness on having many participants in these activities. The Technical Cooperation Program (TCP), which is the main instrument for the transfer of nuclear technology, plays a major role in improving the health and lives of individuals by adapting nuclear science and technology and making them available in the areas of health care, food, agriculture, industry and many other areas, he added.

He stressed that the State of Qatar had consistently supported the Programme paying, in full, its contributions to the TCP annual budget. He further called for addressing the issue of the TCP limited resources and providing adequate resources to it.

Al Fahid referred to the renovation and modernization of the IAEA laboratories in Seibersdorf, where the laboratory after the completion of the modernization will carry the training of cadres from IAEA Member States in the areas of food security, water resources management, human health, environmental radioactivity and livestock, underlining Qatar’s keenness to be one of the 34 countries that have contributed to the financing of the IAEA Laboratories’ modernization project.

Concluding the statement, Acting Charge d’Affaires in the State of Qatar’s Embassy in Vienna Abdullah bin Nasser Al Fahid expressed Doha’s hope to continue its cooperation with the IAEA in all areas of the peaceful use of nuclear energy and its support for the principles contained in the Vienna Ministerial Declaration on Nuclear Science and Technology.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs