DOHA, Qatar, With the mantle of hosting the next FIFA World Cup in 2022 officially handed over to Qatar, the country has once again come to the global limelight, particularly as a potential hub for business community across the world.

The country, with its huge infrastructure projects, has already been attracting the attention of business community, especially in sport related fields. Even though most of the infrastructure projects related to the World Cup are in progress, stakeholders in business community around the world believe that, they will also have their own fair share in business in the coming years.

Traders, shipping companies, logistics and transportation firms, local manufacturers and real estate groups are springing into action, to explore the potential market that emerged with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Traders and local manufacturers are expected to intensify their efforts to organise business related events, road shows and exhibitions to explore the situation soon.

As a move in this direction, Sports Tech Exhibition, initiated by Indian Business Professionals Council (IBPC), will be held in Doha in Dec, 2018.

President of IBPC, KM Varghese said, “Qatar will witness a boom in infrastructure, trade and tourism very soon. Business related to sports technology has a huge potential in the world and many Indian companies are already involved in this high potential business sector.”

As part of efforts to strengthen business ties with India, a 15-man business delegation, including representatives of Qatari companies and officials of IBPC, will visit a global summit ‘Vibrant Tamil Nadu’ Food Expo in Aug. “The summit initiated by IBPC will benefit business communities, traders, farmers and agriculturalists both in India and Qatar,” Varghese said.

Source: Nam News Network