The Arab League calls on Turkey to withdraw immediately and unconditionally from Syria

BAGHDAD, The Arab League called for an end to Turkish military operations against Syria and for Turkey’s immediate and unconditional withdrawal from all Syrian territories, stressing that the aggression against Syria represents the latest episode of Turkish interventions and repeated and unacceptable attacks on the sovereignty of member states of the Arab League.”

The final statement of the emergency meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers held in Cairo, stressed the importance of preserving the unity and independence of Syria, referring to its resolutions on the political solution to implement Security Council resolution 2254, as the only way to resolve the Syrian crisis and end the suffering of the Syrian people.

The meeting condemned the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory as a clear violation of the principles of the UN Charter and Security Council resolutions calling for the preservation of the unity and independence of Syria, especially resolution 2254, as a direct threat to Arab national security and international peace and security.

The meeting also called on the UN Security Council to take the necessary measures to stop the Turkish aggression and withdraw from Syrian territory immediately, and urged all members of the international community to act in this context, while working to prevent Turkey from obtaining any military or information support to help it in its aggression on the Syrian territory.

Qatar and Somalia have reservations about the final communique of Arab Ministers, which called for urgent measures to be taken to counter Turkish aggression, including the reduction of diplomatic ties, the cessation of military cooperation, and a review of the level of economic, cultural and tourism relations with Turkey.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency