Iranian Foreign Ministry Announces Upcoming Visits For Iranian President To Neighboring Countries

TEHRAN, Iranian Foreign Ministry announced on Monday upcoming visits of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to neighboring countries and in the framework of finding a positive strategy related to regional affairs.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Moussaoui said the visits would take place soon.

On the ban imposed by the White House on Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, he said that the ban is unfounded and shows that the United States is seeking to create a new innovation in the world.

Moussaoui referred that the Iranian Foreign Minister’s visits will be to Qatar, Kuwait and other countries in light of the active diplomacy, saying: The Foreign Minister went to Finland and then to Scandinavia and next week will start his Asian tour, as scheduled to visit the Central Asian countries as well as Africa, We have a program of visits to neighboring countries at the level of the President of the Republic.

Referring to the efforts of the Islamic Republic to hold dialogues at the regional and international level, the spokesman of the Iranian diplomatic service said that dialogue is always open by Iran and we are always seeking to strengthen bilateral and regional cooperation to reduce tension, stressing that we are seeking for peace and stability.

He considered “Finland’s draft dialogue on security in the Gulf is not a new project and Iran welcomes such efforts,” added “Of course, there are serious measures that we have warned against and tell countries not to seek alliances that would further destabilize the security and stability of the strategic Middle East.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency