MP From Sadiqoun: Turkish Attacks Will Not Be Discussed In Tomorrow’s Emergency Session

Baghdad / NINA / – The representative of the Sadiqoun bloc, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the Turkish attacks will not be discussed in tomorrow’s emergency session.

The bloc’s website quoted Al-Baldawi as saying: “In tomorrow’s session, the constitutional oath will be taken by the new MPs after the issuance of parliamentary orders against the resignations of the Sadrist bloc’s MPs.”

He pointed out: “The other repercussions, such as the Turkish attacks, will be discussed after the parliament seats are completed, during other emergency sessions, or after the end of the first legislative term.”

Al-Baldawi explained that: “It is necessary to move forward in completing the seats of the members of the House of Representatives for the purpose of starting a new legislative term, and trying to complete the entitlements of the three presidencies and forming the new government.”/ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency