Qatar’s Ambassador to Germany: Qatar’s Foreign Policy Stems from Values of Peace, Stability and Prosperity

Berlin – information office – November 29

HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Federal Republic of Germany Sheikh Abdulla bin Mohammed Al-Thani said that the values of Qatari foreign policy is based on peace, stability and prosperity, which are national values that stem from the deep belief of the State of Qatar in the importance of international cooperation and the adoption of balanced diplomacy, rationality and dialogue as tools to promote international peace in a sustainable manner.

In the lecture HE Sheikh Abdulla bin Mohammed Al-Thani delivered, through virtual technology at the European School of Management and Technology, to a number of businessmen, economists and representatives of German companies, he focused on the preparations of the State of Qatar to host the World Cup, the progress it has made in this regard and the development of the legal environment governing workers’ rights.


HE stressed on the strength of bilateral relations between the State of Qatar and Germany, which are based on understanding, cooperation, mutual respect and common interests. This has led to strengthening international cooperation and consolidating peace through international forums and diplomatic mediation to resolve disputes, he added.


HE Qatar’s Ambassador to Germany referred to the congruence of shared visions regarding the nature of the challenges posed by regional and international developments, especially with regard to the war on terror, achieving reconciliation in Libya and Syria, the unity of the position towards the devastating war on Yemen and the nature of the relationship with Iran.


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar