Health Ministry and Global Alliance for Vaccines(GAVI) discuss means to enhance joint cooperation

Minister of Health, Dr. Hassan al-Ghabbash discussed with a work team from the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) means to enhance cooperation, regarding routine vaccines included in the national vaccination program, particularly aftermath the earthquake disaster.

Minister al-Ghabbash reviewed the governmental efforts made during the response period to the repercussions of the earthquake and the challenges facing the health sector in light of the unjust blockade imposed on the Syrian people, pointing to the importance of providing support to secure routine vaccinations within the national vaccine program in Syria.

He affirmed that the national vaccination program has achieved positive results in reducing dangerous childhood diseases, stressing the need to exchange experiences with the Global Alliance team in this field.

For her part, Regional director of the organization in Syria, Veronique Meva Vages, appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of Health for its continuation and commitment to providing vaccine services despite the difficulties imposed by the earthquake disaster, noting that the national vaccine program in Syria is being implemented remarkably at the regional level, and health sector workers are making great efforts despite difficult circumstances.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency