Pharmacies Allowed to Disburse E-Prescriptions with Specific Requirements

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has temporarily permitted pharmacies in Qatar to accept WhatsApp or e-mail prescriptions by doctors, taking into consideration the present Covid-19 situation in the country.

The circular says: “Considering the public interest and due to the current circumstances of the high rates of Covid-19 among citizens and residents as well as doctors working in the health sector, it was decided temporarily to accept prescriptions issued by doctors working remotely by e-mail or WhatsApp of doctor and patient for diseases that do not require the patient to attend clinic, or chronic conditions supervised by the competent doctor.”

To be accepted, the prescription must contain full data, especially the date of issuance, the doctor’s licence number, the patient’s personal number. The validity of such prescription is only one week from the date of issuance. Excluded from this is the narcotic drugs and dangerous psychotropic substances subject to Law No 9 of 1987 on control of drugs, dangerous psychotropic substances, and psychoactive drugs subject to Law No 19 of 1993 regulating the circulation of psychoactive substances.

Source: Government of Qatar