UAE continues provision of free medical care in remote areas of Hadramaut

The UAE continues to provide free medical care for the population in remote areas in the Governorate of Hadramaut in Yemen through mobile clinics of the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC.

During their presence in Al Oyoun and Abdullah Ghareeb Areas at Ghayl Ba Wazir, the mobile clinics received 280 cases from various age groups, where various patients were examined and the necessary free medicines and treatments were provided, as well as diseases prevalent among the people, including providing medical treatment for fever, infections, cough, influenza and wounds and burns.

The people extended their thanks and appreciation to the UAE for supporting them and lauded the ERC’s efforts in implementing this vital project in their areas.

The ”Mobile Clinics” project aims to ease the suffering of the people in the remote areas where there are no medical centres or medical staff, by providing their services among the regions and districts of the Hadramaut Governorate.


Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs