Over 1.84 Million Accessed Hukoomi Portal in 9 Months

Over 300,000 visitors accessed Hukoomi during September, Qatar’s official e-government portal, making it the highest monthly figure of 2018. More than 1.84 million visitors accessed Hukoomi portal between January and September this year.

The portal witnessed a monthly rise of approximately 24% as 302,721 visitors accessed the Hukoomi portal in September this year, compared to 244,730 visitors last month in August.

A higher number of visitors accessing the portal resulted in more page views and hence led to increased traffic. Overall, the portal received over 8.98 million page views during the January – September period of the current year.

The consistent rise in the visitors and page views reflects that a growing number of people are now using Hukoomi services, and that awareness about the e-services is increasing among residents.

The portal now includes more than 1,400 services, with more than 650 online services that can be completed online by individuals, visitors, businesses, and government entities.

The role of Hukoomi is to make government information and services more efficient and effective in order to be accessible by all citizens, residents, visitors, and businesses. It also aims at raising publicising public programmes, events, news and government initiatives, in line with the objectives defined by the Qatar e-Government 2020 Strategy.

Hukoomi also engages with the end users through its SMS gateways for any new announcements, services and information as well as through its social media channels allowing visitors to learn about new government services, news or upcoming events.

It is worth mentioning Hukoomi was ranked first in web accessibility for Assistive Technology Center (Mada) out of 124 entities, in April 2018.

Source: Government of Qatar