UAE Ambassador signs contracts to sponsor 1,954 orphans in Lebanon.

Hamad Saeed Sultan Al Shamsi, UAE Ambassador to Lebanon, today signed contracts with Lebanese authorities and associations to sponsor 1,954 Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian orphans, under the supervision of the Humanitarian and Development Affairs Attache and through a grant presented by the Al Rahma Charity Association.

The signing of the contracts was attended by representatives of the participating authorities, which include the Lebanon Centre For Volunteer Work and the Aysha Bakar Islamic Centre, as well as the Zakat Fund branches in Miniyeh, Danniyeh, Akkar, Hasbaya and Marjeyoun.

Al Shamsi noted, “During the Year of Zayed, which is full of meaning and humanitarian values, and in commitment to the UAE’s journey of giving, that is a cornerstone in its foreign policy and has made the UAE a leader internationally in this area, we affirm our ongoing commitment to assist the orphans and provide them with dignified lives.”

“The UAE is also providing iftar to fasting people during its current Ramadan campaign in 1439, which began at the start of the holy month and will continue until its end. The campaign includes group iftars and the distribution of food packages, and we will also begin our Al Fitr Zakat and Eid clothing campaign over the next two days,” he added.

Al Shamsi explained that the programmes seek to shield orphans from destructive thoughts, strengthen their role in the community, and protect them from all types of exploitation and violence, by supplying them with the knowledge required to participate in building their future and advancing their countries. These programmes are not the first to be launched by the embassy, and previous programmes involving Emirati donors have previously sponsored many orphans, he said.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs