(In pictures) Jenin is transformed into a military barracks. The incursion may last several days

Jenin Together – The occupation forces launched a military operation in Jenin Governorate this morning, which the army said could last several days. So far, it has resulted in seven martyrs and dozens of wounded.

Ma’an’s correspondent reported that the occupation forces turned the city and the camp into a military barracks in which approximately 1,500 soldiers participated, spread out in all the streets of the city surrounding the Jenin camp and shooting everything that moved.

According to official sources, 7 martyrs were announced, including a doctor, a teacher, and a school student, while they were heading to their workplaces in Jenin.

The director of Ma’an’s office in the north said that the size of the forces that stormed the city of Jenin is very similar to those forces that stormed the Jenin camp last August, during which the storming of the camp continued for several days…which indicates that the occupation process will not end in the coming hours.

The occupation army targeted a group of journali
sts with live bullets, which led to the injury of fellow journalist Amr Manasrah with bullet fragments in the lower back, after which he was transferred to a hospital, where medical sources described his injury as stable.

Source: Maan News Agency

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