Including 22 violators from the expatriates on the Rusafa side, 28 accused arrested in Baghdad

Baghdad, The Rapid Response Forces detachments announced today, Tuesday, the arrest of 28 persons accused of various crimes in Baghdad, including 3 drug dealers in the Umm al-Kubar and al-Ghazlan area, northeast of the capital.

The Ministry of the Interior stated in a statement, ‘In order to eliminate the scourge of drugs and pursue drug dealers, the Second Regiment of the First Brigade, the Rapid Response Division of the Ministry of Interior, was able to arrest three accused of drug trafficking in the Umm al-Kubbar and al-Ghazlan area in Baghdad, in possession of crystal, in cooperation and coordination with F3 to F19, F5, Federal Police and Division Intelligence Section.’

It pointed out that “three defendants were arrested by the First Regiment of the First Brigade in accordance with the provisions of Article 2/1 of P.C. Terrorism in Al-Basateen neighborhood area, in cooperation with the arresting force, Al-Shaab neighborhood, and the division intelligence.”

It indicated that ’22 violators, including for
eigners, were arrested on the Rusafa side – Baghdad, and all were handed over to the requested destination according to the law.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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