Integrity Commission: Summoning of 7 defendants accused of fraud and tax evasion in Salah Al-Din

The Federal Integrity Commission announced the issuance of summons orders against (7) defendants, including the Director of the tax department in Samarra, against the backdrop of cases of tax fraud and evasion in Salah Al-Din Governorate.

The Commission’s Investigation Department revealed that employees of the real estate registration office in Samarra manipulated the real value of a number of properties, for the purpose of evading the tax and fees imposed on the owners of these real estate, indicating that the investigation team of the Salah Al-Din Investigation Office detected violations of the applicable controls in real estate estimation, which are specified by the General Tax Authority.

It added that the investigation team seized the original of the last disposal transaction with the assessment form found in the files of (3) real estate, noting that the competent investigative judge issued recruitment orders against the current Director of the Samarra Tax Department, and an employee in the tax office, in addition to (5) real estate registration control employees in Samarra; based on the provisions of Article (331) of the Penal Code.

In Kirkuk Governorate, the department confirmed that a tracker was seized for defrauding low-income citizens, and exploiting their need for a social welfare salary in the men’s social welfare department, pointing out that he followed up on transactions without an official agency, and his constant presence in the social welfare department, claiming that he is a representative of a member of the House of Representatives, contrary to the truth.

It added that a formal arrest report was organized, and it was presented, along with the accused in the second operation, to the Kirkuk Investigation Court judge, who specializes in hearing cases of integrity, who decided to arrest the accused; based on the provisions of Article (240) of the Iraqi Penal Code.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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