Interior Ministry Organizes Introductory Meeting to Enhance Coordination between Forensic Medicine Center, Public Prosecution

The Forensic Medicine Center at the Ministry of Interior organized an introductory meeting today, which included members and prosecutors of the Public Prosecution, officers from various departments within the ministry, and several forensic doctors from the center.

The aim of the meeting was to enhance coordination with relevant authorities, which are connected to the center’s work, discuss common topics, and listen to opinions and proposals, all of which contribute to achieving the desired criminal justice.

Col. Majed Issa Al Ghanim, the head of the Forensic Medicine Center, emphasized the importance of the introductory meeting in light of the integration of tasks and functions between the center, the Public Prosecution, and the specialized departments of the Ministry of Interior. He stated that each entity is exerting maximum effort and coordination to preserve individuals’ rights and handle all reports and cases professionally.

Cap. Khaled Marzouq Bashir from the Forensic Medicine Center presented an overview of the center’s tasks and responsibilities, highlighting the departments within the Ministry of Interior with which it collaborates and its relationship with the Public Prosecution. The presentation also covered key meeting topics and important aspects of the working mechanism.

Dr. Ibrahim Al Ramahi, the head of the specialized forensic medicine department at the center, discussed various common topics and issues between the center and the participating authorities. The meeting concluded with fruitful and constructive discussions among the attendees.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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