Interior Ministry: We are pursuing a third accused in the drug gang incident in Basra / Expanded

The Ministry of Interior disclosed the details of the incident of arresting a drug trafficking gang, in response to what was circulated on some social media sites about the presence of (armed clashes in Basra Governorate).

The Ministry of the Interior said, in an official statement today, Friday, that ‘a patrol from the Abu Al-Khasib Narcotics Division went out on duty and while it was trying to stop a motorcycle on which three people were riding because there was suspicion about them, when they were being searched, one of them opened fire and an exchange of fire occurred, which led to the martyrdom of a member and the injury of another.’

It added, “The security forces arrested two defendants, and are still pursuing a third defendant who is also related to the incident.”/End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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