Israeli Occupation Forces Storm Jenin

Jenin, – The Israeli occupation forces stormed Jenin, northern West Bank on Thursday, closed all its entrances, and isolated it from towns and villages of the governorate.

Palestine’s WAFA News Agency reported that large forces from the occupation army, accompanied by special units and military bulldozers, stormed the city from several fronts, leading to the outbreak of confrontations with Palestinian youths.

WAFA added that the occupation forces deployed in a number of neighborhoods of the city and the vicinity of its camp and deployed their snipers on the roof tops of a number of homes and buildings.

The occupation forces raided several neighborhoods, the outskirts of Jenin camp, and the vicinity of the district’s headquarters amidst the flight of occupation drones in the sky of the city.

WAFA also reported a power cut in several neighborhoods in the city of Jenin and the outskirts of the camp.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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