Lebanese Caretaker Foreign Minister Calls for Radical Solution to Syrian Displacement in Lebanon

Brussels, The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in the Lebanese caretaker government Dr. Abdallah Bou Habib stated that his country is struggling with Syrian displacement, which poses a significant threat to Lebanon’s security and social stability.

This came during his speech at the Ministerial Brussels Conference on “Supporting the future of Syria and the region” where Bou Habib called for finding sustainable solutions that are in accordance with Lebanese laws to ensure the dignified and secure mass return of Syrian refugees to their homeland. He also advocated that those unable to return to Syria for political reasons, must be resettled in a third-party country, in respect for the principle of international humanitarian law on burden-sharing in refugee protection.

The Lebanese caretaker foreign minister added that over the past year, this issue has been subject to radical changes internationally and internally, with the latter reaching a point of no return because of the increasing security incide
nts, disturbances, conflicts, and organized crime gangs.

Bou Habib said that continuing to deal with the Syrian displacement crisis with the same logic and approach, which is to solely focus on financing the displaced wherever they are, rather than seeking alternative solutions, poses a risk to both Syria’s neighbors and Europe.

He pointed out that his ministry has sought to encourage cooperation among the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, together with ministries, as well as security and military agencies to pave the way for the appropriate and immediate conditions for the safe return of Syrian refugees, however, Bou Habib pointed out that these efforts were met with procrastination and time-buying tactics.

The Lebanese caretaker minister urged the international community and donor agencies to assist the government in allocating the necessary resources to the military and security agencies to control the Lebanese borders, coordinate with the Syrian side for mutual assistance, and regulate t
he movement between the two countries through legitimate crossings.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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