Information Security Conference Concludes with Some Recommendations

The Information Security Conference for the Financial Sector has concluded with a number of important recommendations aimed at boosting and promoting the financial sector in Qatar.

The recommendations included the importance of adopting two major methods of protection: taking precautionary and proactive measures and following reactive policies, while focusing more on the proactive measures.

The recommendations affirmed that it is essential to build and promote the capability of any institution for resistance and recovery after any attack or breach, and focusing on the importance of having a security operations center (SOC) inside the large and sensitive institutions.

The recommendations further stressed the importance of establishing intercommunication groups of similar institutions from the different countries in order to exchange the required expertise and find out about the latest developments, having institutions raise awareness about any attack or breach they have been subject to, and taking immediate action to provide complete protection (360 degrees) to all systems, including all systems, communication lines, storage centers and infrastructure through data pass.

Source: Government of Qatar